Sharing educational resources among teachers is a stellar way to enhance learning experiences. Blooket, an interactive learning platform, has rapidly become a favorite for its engaging approach to education. If you’re wondering how to share a Blooket with another teacher, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into a step-by-step guide that outlines how to seamlessly share Blooket sets, ensuring your colleagues can benefit from your curated content.

Step 1: Access Your Blooket Dashboard

Before you begin, ensure you have an active Blooket account. Sign in, and you’ll land on your Dashboard, the command center for all your Blooket activities. Here, you’ll find all the sets you’ve created or interacted with.

Step 2: Locate the Set You Wish to Share

Navigate through your Dashboard to find the specific set you want to share. Blooket organizes sets efficiently, making it easy to locate any set through either a quick search or by browsing your collection.

Step 3: Select the Sharing Options

Upon finding the set, you’ll notice three dots or a ‘More’ option adjacent to it. Clicking this will reveal a drop-down menu, offering various actions you can take. For sharing purposes, look for the “Share” button—it’s your gateway to sharing insights and fun learning experiences with fellow educators.

Step 4: Choose How to Share

Sharing Option Description
Email Sharing Directly send the set to another teacher’s email address.
Link Sharing Generate a unique link that you can share via any digital platform.
Duplicate & Edit Duplicate the set for personal modifications before sharing, if necessary.

Pick the method that best suits your needs. Email sharing offers a direct route, while link sharing provides versatility, allowing you to share across various platforms such as messaging apps, emails, or digital classrooms.

Step 5: Notify the Recipient

After sharing, a courtesy follow-up to the recipient ensures they have received and can access the shared Blooket set. This step fosters communication and ensures everyone is on the same page, ready to engage students with the newly shared educational tool.


Sharing a Blooket with another teacher enriches the educational environment, fostering collaboration and innovation in teaching methodologies. By following these straightforward steps, educators can smoothly exchange valuable resources, amplifying the impact of their teaching efforts. Remember, every shared Blooket set is a stepping stone towards a more interactive and engaging learning journey for students.


Can I share a Blooket set with multiple teachers at once?

Yes, using the link sharing option allows you to share the set with multiple educators simultaneously, making it an efficient way to distribute your resources widely.

Is it possible to edit a Blooket set after sharing?

Absolutely. If you’ve shared a duplicate link, you can make any necessary adjustments without affecting the original set. This flexibility ensures your shared content remains relevant and up-to-date.

Do recipients need a Blooket account to access shared sets?

In most cases, yes, to interact with the full features of the set and track progress, recipients will need to sign into their Blooket account. However, they can view the set through the shared link without signing in for a quick preview.