Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to play the intriguing and fun card game, “Crap on Your Neighbor!” Perfect for gatherings, parties, or casual game nights, this game brings laughter, strategy, and unpredictability all into one compact package. If you’re looking for the rules, strategies, and tips to excel in this game, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Crap on Your Neighbor?

“Crap on Your Neighbor”, also known simply as “Screw Your Neighbor”, is a popular card game that involves elements of luck, bluffing, and strategy. The objective is straightforward – avoid ending up with the lowest card at the table. While the game’s rules are simple, each round’s unpredictable nature makes it a thrilling experience for players of all ages.

Basic Rules and Setup

To kick things off, all you need is a standard deck of 52 cards (Jokers removed) and 3 to 6 players, though more can join with additional decks. This section outlines the game’s basic setup and rules to get started.


  • Choose a dealer randomly for the first round; the role rotates clockwise with each round.
  • Deal one card face down to each player.
  • The player left of the dealer starts the round.


  1. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, they can choose to keep their card or swap it with the next player’s card. The catch? The next player can’t refuse the swap unless they have a King (which is immune).
  2. This continues around the table until it reaches back to the dealer.
  3. The dealer can choose to keep their card or swap with the top card from the deck.
  4. All players then reveal their cards. The player with the lowest value card loses the round.

Strategies and Tips

Though largely a game of luck, a few tactics can help you “crap” on your neighbor effectively. Here are some insider tips:

  • Bluffing: Pretend to be unhappy with a high-value card to prompt swaps and spread confusion.
  • Kings are Key: When you draw a King, discreetly signal its power to discourage swaps.
  • Memorize Cards: Keep track of high and low cards played throughout the game to make informed decisions.


“Crap on Your Neighbor” is not only an easy-to-learn game but also endlessly entertaining. With each round rarely lasting more than a few minutes, it’s perfect for those seeking quick and engaging entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned card-shark or a casual player looking for a new addition to game night, mastering the crap on your neighbor card game rules will surely bring hours of fun and laughter. Remember, the key to success lies not just in the cards you’re dealt but in how well you play them—and sometimes, in how effectively you can fool your friends.